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iT1 and Upstreem - Reentry as a Service     iT1 and Upstreem - Reentry as a Service

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Using smart technology for a better monitoring platform. iT1 is proud to partner with Upstreem, to offer a better way to monitor, communicate and respond to offenders during their parole period.

Upstreem's Active Tool Suite gives you an easy-to-use and secure monitoring platform including:

  • ActiveTrack, a wrist-worn bracelet featuring a screen, communication capacities, real-time location capabilities and numerous other features. It has the size and the form of a sport watch.
  • ActiveHome, a device to be placed at the juvenile‚Äôs residence allowing to check his/her presence at home.
  • ActiveMonitor, a user-friendly and state-of-the-art monitoring platform based on the latest security standards.

Remove your administrative tasks to allow for more time to focus on offender rehabilitation.  See how iT1 and Upstreem's Active Tool Suite solution can work for your programs.

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