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iT1 uses our 20+ years industry Information Technology knowledge, experience, and extensive certifications to research and partner with the very best companies to provide our clients with the most advanced technology in the industry they work in, backed by the support of our 24/7/365 Network Operations and Security Operations Centers.

We work with the best vendors in the technology industry to provide a complete, proven solution.

Our methodology and approach to Corrections Technology:

  • Define Goals - understand core business objectives, technical outcomes, and financial outcomes.
  • Plan and Prepare - find the right operating model and recommend an actionable plan to migrate
  • Design and Innovate- build, measure, learn, and drive business value from the technology
  • Security - provide guidance around evergreen security transformation
  • Management - define business commitments, operational compliance, and establish an ongoing management baseline to achieve tangible results
  • Government - Assess current state of existing policies and recommend future state plus implement discipline

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